Sustainable Christmas wrapping | Waste: It’s definitely not the most wonderful time of the year

How is it the 11th November already? I’ve been saying this all year like most but it doesn’t feel like Christmas is just over one month away. I’m really excited this year as I’m off to Florida again to spend it with the in-laws.

I’m not sure about you but the thought of Christmas brings a range of emotions. It brings excitement, happiness and anticipation as well as stress and worry for a lot of people. The present buying also brings happiness but there is a feeling of stress about money, what to buy people and having the time to buy things with doubt over how much they will like or value the present.

I get most excited for the food and family time at Christmas now. Instead of presents last year I bought experiences for my family. Whilst I know this is not for everyone I’m sure most people will agree one of the least fun parts of Christmas is the present wrapping part. In past years I would leave it until late and end up spending Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve or Christmas Eve Eve Eve wrapping presents on the lounge floor getting pins and needles and a backache. That’s just no fun! Can you relate to this too?

Anyway the most boring part of Christmas – the wrapping is also damaging the environment. Fact. Did you know that in the UK we use 227,000 miles of gift wrapping paper, 83 kilometres of which will end up in our bins. Each house on average goes through four rolls of wrapping paper. We also use 40 million rolls of sellotape each year!

Most people probably aren’t aware that a lot of gift wrap is non-recyclable. A lot of people won’t check this and it won’t be blindingly obvious on the single use outer packaging whether it is either. So if you, like me are looking for more sustainable – yet classy and equally magical ways of wrapping presents here are some lovely ideas for you.

You can see the tons more on our Pinterest page here.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Reclaiming Interiors was founded by Lauren Paige Smith, a Professional Organiser and Interior Stylist. She is member of APDO and qualified with a Master’s degree in Interior design. Also a qualified yoga teacher, Lauren is passionate about wellbeing and slow, intentional living in a home that brings happiness and calm. She is on a mission to help people to restore the love for their home.

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