“I don’t have time to declutter!” – I get it.

Autumn is officially upon us now and the ‘C’ word will be here as soon as you know it. Christmas is one of the most stressful times in households with organisation, spending and everything else that comes with “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Decluttering is something that most people tend to when they are at their wits-end. We just don’t consider decluttering when we feel that life is going pretty damn well. We do it when we feel like we really must, because we just can’t take it anymore. When the house, the partner, the kids, dogs and everyone has contributed to the mountain that feels like Everest, we decide to take action. It’s a strange psychology when you think about it. We allow our external space to become untidy, unorganised and messy which completely affects our internal space and wellbeing. This domino effects changes the dynamic of our household, our relationships, work and diet. We then plug away and exhaust ourselves to the point of burnout knowing that it’ll last for a certain amount of time before we need to repeat the cycle over and over again. And yes, I have also been there! I have built my business and methods based on my own experiences which is why I am so passionate about this industry. I have gone from being a scatty person 90% of the time to scatty just 5% of the time – and to be honest I’ve learnt to accept and grow fond of that 5% scatty me.


I don’t believe there is ever a ‘perfect’ time to declutter. I do believe that it should be carried out regularly however. I also feel that different areas of the house should be cleared more regularly than others. Wardrobes can be decluttered every two to three months – this works well with seasonal changes in weather. Also if you decide to go on a big shopping day, just scan through your wardrobe or closet to see what you actually need first. When doing a food shop, just look through and plan your meals before you go out to use up what’s already in the cupboard. This type of planning allows less waste and healthier choices but also the financial gain of unnecessary spending. Another area which should be decluttered regularly as often as weekly or fortnightly is paperwork. Keeping on top of bills, statements, renewals etc. is vital to prevent additional stress and worry of your finances or forgetting appointments.


Hiring a professional organiser is one of the most effective ways to get your home in order. By having an external person to assess your home and lifestyle (without judgement), you get an honest opinion on what could be improved. It is also a great way to get all the family on board, involved and excited about the changes. I truly believe to get your home to a place of continuous transformation, there needs to be a lifestyle change. This is also not the responsibility of one person in the home. Having a professional organiser’s help also makes the process more productive rather than spending time reminiscing when finding all sorts you had forgotten you acquired.

With my business I offer a free home consultation which is approximately one hour long to create an action plan for the home. If you have ever had a professional organiser or are thinking of having one to come and help I would love to hear from you.

Have a great week everyone.

Reclaiming Interiors was founded by Lauren Paige Smith, a Professional Organiser and Interior Stylist. She is member of APDO and qualified with a Master’s degree in Interior Design. Also a qualified yoga teacher, Lauren is passionate about wellbeing and slow, intentional living in a home that brings happiness and calm. She is on a mission to help people to restore the love for their home.

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