I’m Lauren, the founder of Reclaiming Interiors. I have always been ‘a natural’ at being organised and remember as a child encouraging friends to sort their toys and clothes. Although back then we had a lot of fun getting dressed up during the process, you can be assured I shall not be doing this with your clothes!

professional organiser Ipswich

I began my career in estate agency and from there I went on to designing kitchens and bathrooms for one of the UK’s market-leading retailers. I have been visiting clients in their homes for over six years and am confident you will be comfortable inviting me in your home. One of my biggest passions is interiors and I graduated in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Interior Design. After minimising my own home and selling up I decided to work for myself. I wanted to start my own business combining my talents and skills to help others achieve the homes and lives they aspire to. 

“I think we all have so much constantly going on and we can lose sight of the things/people that really matter to us during the overwhelm. Decluttering my own home was one of the most empowering journeys I have been on. Once completed I was able to invest this newfound time into the things that I wanted to.’

Lauren Smith – Reclaiming Interiors